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Rudy and Christina have been giving back to the community for many years; both Rudy and Christina have a history of directly volunteering for causes that are dear to them. Rudy volunteers his time by sitting on the board of directors for several charities, and shares his expertise with these worthwhile organizations to increase the support they receive from the community.


If Christina isn't at Children's Medical Center rocking a sick baby she can also be found volunteering at a number of different agencies helping children or young adults. It was in 2000 that Rudy and Christina decided to take their giving to the next level by forming the Andrea Mennen Family Foundation (TAFF) with the goal of having an immediate impact on their communities. The Foundation has committed millions in their efforts to help children and you adults that are less fortunate, and they were one of the driving forces in creating a world-class Children's Hospital here in Plano. Their high family standards for the selection of charitable organizations have become the benchmark used by many other family foundations, but it is their personal dedication and hands-on approach that has inspired others to become more actively involved in philanthropy and their service to the community. The Foundation has been involved in a number of causes including scholarship programs, grants to educators and educational conferences, programs that provide recreational activities to underprivileged children, services for abused children, the Children's Hospital of Boston AIDS Program and Cystic Fibrosis research. Rudy and Christina are most proud that all four of their children take an active role in the Foundation and have learned that giving back in an important facet of life. Rudy and Christina work hard and volunteer with their family to share the lesson that anyone can give back and support the community, and that giving money is only one in a myriad of ways that people can work to make a difference. We are thrilled to celebrate Rudy and Christina's commitment to giving back with the 2009 Community Leadership Award!

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